Event Policies

Download a copy of our Event Policy Form

Policies and Guidelines for events taking place at the Wooster Inn or any of the venues with which it partners:

  • The cost of labor is built into the pricing of all events. The maximum length of events is 5 hours. Events beyond this timeframe will be subject to additional labor charges.
  • Events involving 50-100 guests will require a $500 deposit.
  • Events with 100 or more guests will require a $1,000 deposit
  • CANCELLING AN EVENT: Very few large events ever cancel, but celebrations like weddings entail a great deal of labor and planning. We often rent a dance floor or other equipment. We reserve the venue which, of course, prohibits that venue from being rented by someone else. We also routinely provide a tasting meal for those planning a special day. Consequently, cancelling an event does entail some costs. The deposit is not refundable
  • A partial payment is due 2 weeks before the scheduled date of your event. This bill will be based on the total charges for half the guests you expect. So, for example, if you have invited 200 guests, we will project the charges for 100 and charge accordingly.
    • This payment plus the deposit will be deducted from your final charges.
    • This payment is non-refundable
    • A final guest count is due three days before your event. This count will constitute the minimum number of guests for which you will be charged. If, however, you would like to add guests, you may do so and we will charge accordingly.
  • FINAL PAYMENT: all regular charges for the event will be calculated on the day of the celebration. Payment in full is expected at the end of the festivities unless other arrangements have been made with our Proprietor. Although rare, there may be additional charges incurred, (like additional clean up labor or rental damage), and these will be invoiced separately
  • The properties of the College of Wooster are in close proximity to many private homes; consequently, all events must end by 11 pm so that we might be respectful of our neighbors and other guests of the Inn and the College.
  • The expectation is that our guests will respect our facilities as they would their own homes. Unfortunately past experience has shown that the excitement of celebration sometimes overcomes responsible judgment. If the housekeeping & maintenance staff finds it necessary to exceed their normal cleaning duties, an extra cleaning fee will be levied against the responsible parties. This fee is based on extra labor hours at the rate of $25 per hour.
  • Mylar and paper confetti have proven to be difficult to remove from tables, carpets, patios and walkways. Consequently we do not allow these types of decorations. Guests who insist on using these kinds of decorations will be subject to additional labor charges at the rate of $25 per hour with a $25 minimum charge.
  • Many events use outside vendors (decorators, florists, musicians, rental companies, etc.). Access to the event site may be limited by events before or after your scheduled event; therefore, all vendor deliveries need to be coordinated through the Inn and become part of the planning document that outlines your event. Further, the Inn is not responsible for the property of vendors contracted directly by you.
  • Decorations added to any of our facilities must be removed by those who installed them. Additional labor charges will be added if the staff assigned to your event is left to remove decorations. Signing here indicates that you (the guest) understand the deposit policy and guidelines outlined above. Further, signing here indicates that the guest agrees to be financially responsible for the deposit and costs involved in this event.