Weddings & Events

So you’re planning a celebration. Fortunately we cater and coordinate more events than anyone in Wooster. So even though planning your event might seem to be an intimidating task, it is just another day for the Wooster Inn and its staff.

STEP #1: Choosing a site and a date

Although it might be more fun to work on the details of what might be served and how you will decorate, the important first step in the planning process is securing a date and a site.

The Wooster Inn offers a number of possibilities depending on the size of your group:

  • Main Dining Room seats up to 70 guests and may be reserved for groups of 35 or more.
  • Alumni Room seats up to 30 and may be reserved from groups of 12 or more
  • The Library is on the lower level, adjacent to the pub and seats up to 24 people in its normal configuration. This room also has a 50” high definition television equipped to be attached to a laptop thus mirroring the computer’s monitor. The Library is a newly remodeled space that provides a cozy and comfortable meeting or gathering location.
  • The Pub is a new addition to the offerings of the Inn. Directly below the main dining room, the Pub can accommodate about 40 table-seated guests. Most of the seating in this room is at high-top tables though there is some flexibility for arranging a meeting-like setting in the presence of the bar. The Pub is open to the public most evenings and is NOT available for private events during operating hours.
  • The Tented Patio seats up to 250 guests and is available from April through October. We do have sides and heaters for the tent when they are necessary. This space is very adaptable for groups of any size
  • Kittredge Dining Hall is just west of the Inn on the corner of Wayne Avenue and Beall. This facility seats 250-300 guests and is often used for wedding receptions. This is a student dining hall so there aresome limitations on its availability for outside events.

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Facility Charges

  • The charge for each of these facilities is $5 per guest.
  • The facility charge covers the following:
    • The private use of the venue for up to 5 hours
    • Setting up the venue specifically for your event
  • Meetings lasting longer than 5 hours will be charged at the rate of $2 per guest, per hour.
  • Sales taxes will be added to the meeting rates.
  • Materials may not be taped or attached to the walls in any of the rooms. Any damage to the room will be billed to the guest.
  • The Wooster Inn provides full catering services for any event; consequently no outside food or beverage is permitted at the Wooster Inn. Our staff will work with you to meet your needs and budget. Everyday it is our goal to exceed your expectations.

Alternate Locations

    The Wooster Inn frequently works with other beautiful venues:

  • Quailcrest Farm is located on the northern edge of Wooster at 2810 Armstrong Road, just off of State Route 83. Their website offers photos of the facilities and grounds:

    We do not have a special rate for the use of the Quailcrest facilities; consequently the following rates were those published at the time this guide was developed. It would be your responsibility to reserve the site directly with Quailcrest and for you to secure their current rates.

    We have had several great events in the Tracy Barn Event Center on the Quailcrest grounds. Rental of that facility for a 5 hour reception is approximately $1,200. The facility can host up to 150 guests.

    The grounds also offer a beautiful setting for events. There is a pavilion on the property and tents and other rentals are available through Quailcrest.

    The contact number is 330-345-6722.

  • Shisler Center on the O.A.R.D.C. campus of Ohio State is on the Southeastern edge of town. For complete information on the facility, consult their website:

    We have a strong relationship with the management team of the Shisler Center and get special rental rates for their facilities. Although there are many areas of the Shisler Center and the surrounding campus that can be used for events, we most often use the Arden Shisler Ballroom which can seat up to 325 guests for a formal reception.

    The regular charge for renting the Ballroom is $1500 for a Saturday evening. If the Inn rents the facility for you, that fee is discounted to $1000. The Shisler Center carries its own full liquor license and offers the same pricing as the Inn for events catered by the Inn.

  • Other sites all over the Cleveland-Akron-Canton area have been used for a variety of events. Some people use their homes as an event site too. We can help you determine your rental and site needs for a successful event regardless of where it takes place.

There is an additional charge of $2.50 per mile (each way) for venues away from the Inn. This fee covers the fuel and additional labor involved in hosting an event away from our home facilities.

Additional Charges for Offsite Events

Some of our offsite catering partners make it very easy to host your event and their venue charges include many of the items we provide at the Inn and are available through them. Increasingly we are being asked to cater at new and varied locations.

Consider this: when events are moved away from the Inn the greatest extra cost to the Inn is in labor. We need:

  • Table linens & napkins
  • Silverware
  • Bread Plates
  • Salad Plates
  • Dinner Plates
  • Water Glasses
  • Coffee Cups
  • Salt & Pepper Shakers
  • Sugar Caddies
  • Ice
  • Food
  • Bar Supplies
  • Beer, Wine, Soft Drinks
  • Coffee
  • Cooking & Heating equipment
  • Service Pieces
  • Trash Cans

Then we have to bring it all back to the Inn. Depending on the site, our access can be very limited requiring extra staff for a quick set up. Getting everything cleaned up and put away when it arrives back on site probably doesn’t take more time, but it certainly does seem like it.

If your chosen offsite venue allows us to cater, we will happily work with you and them to provide the quality food and service that would be enjoyed on site. If, however, we have to move anything but the food and beverage that we will be serving to your guests to the site, we will be charging $5 per guest to cover the items listed above.

This will be in addition to the $2.50 per mile travel charge that is levied to and from the Inn.

Frequently asked questions

There are a number of frequently asked questions that come my way when I assist in the planning of a major event like a wedding. Most of all, everyone wants to know what such a celebration will cost. In a tough economy, the answer to that question is even more important.

Before I run down the pricing, know that we have not raised any of our prices for the coming year. This is in spite of fuel surcharges for most of our deliveries and food prices that continue to climb on a weekly basis. Further, we will continue to provide a fine dining experience for every guest regardless of the size of the gathering. Holding prices constant and maintaining excellence is a challenge that we will meet and, hopefully, exceed the expectations of all our guests.

So here is a quick guide to pricing. Of course the specific choices you make will affect the final cost:

So, if you were to plan the most elaborate event possible, how much could it cost?

Possible total per guest:

$65 per guest + 20% service charge + 6.5% sales tax = $83.07 per guest

Remember that this price is based on the most expensive choices that you might make. Most weddings cost substantially less that this.

Here are a couple of other points to consider:

  • Offer your guests what you can afford. If a full bar or alcohol of any kind is too expensive, don’t offer it to your guests.
  • The Wooster Inn offers your guests a fine dining experience. We attempt to offer this experience at a very reasonable price.
  • It is important to compare what we offer with the offerings of hotels and party centers. We are confident that we offer the greatest value and quality.
  • We have done so many weddings and major events that they have become standard operating procedure for us. That is important when you want to be confident that your planning will go flawlessly.
  • We help each couple develop a plan that outlines every aspect of the evening.

This website provides our current menus for catering, lunch and dinner. We also post a current wine list on a monthly basis.

Ken Bogucki or a member of his staff, will be happy to meet with you or talk to you to answer your specific questions. We are with you every step of the way so that we can take care of the details while you are free to enjoy the process. Contact Us

Disc Jockeys & Musicians

Most of our largest events are hosted on the Tented Patio of the Inn, which is an outdoor facility.

We have two 20 amp, 120 volt circuits dedicated to accommodating the power needs of musicians and DJs. Note that all of our outdoor power receptacles have ground fault circuit interrupter protection. This is the same protection generally used in bathrooms or other areas where moisture might be present. By design, they detect any fluctuation in current in order to prevent a shock.

We have hosted events on the patio for over 5 seasons with few issues. There have been some instances where the equipment of the band or DJ trips the ground fault system. The ground fault system is very sensitive to any irregularity in current and is required for the safety of our guests and staff. Maybe because the equipment of these entertainers is moved on a regular basis there seems to be a high coincidence of power interruptions and the presence of these traveling entertainers. It is essential that all of the equipment work on GFCI protected circuits.

We would strongly suggest that any musician or DJ set up the equipment well in advance of your event so that he/she can be certain that there will not be a problem during the event. The Inn’s staff will be waiting on and caring for your guests during the event and will not have the opportunity to help the music people with any power issues. Generally such equipment can be set up hours before the start of the reception, but please have them contact the Inn to make certain that the event site is available.

We also encourage you to provide this document to musician or DJ that you hire. You will likely have a number of vendors providing a variety of services and the staff of the Inn will make every effort to support and coordinate the work of these professionals. Any questions should be directed to the management staff of the Inn.


The Inn has the privilege of hosting many, many major events each year. Our staff makes every effort to cooperate with the various professionals who contribute to the totality of the event.

As your event is planned, you will receive a time line that outlines the services and activities that will be provided by the Inn. It is important that you share these times with your photographer.

It is easy to understand that a professional photographer wants to create perfect photos as a lasting memory of a special occasion. Every professional wants to provide the best service possible.

Unfortunately, too many times, guests are left waiting in extended cocktail hours while the photographers do their work. While the time that the bridal party spends in recording the day passes quickly, the invited guests who have traveled to share the day with you are left waiting.

That time line also becomes important in the quality of the food that we will serve your guests. Coordinating a large event has its difficulties and the time for actually serving the dinner is not very flexible if you want your guests to have an excellent dining experience.

Once guests are invited to join a celebration, it is really all about them even though you are the reason for the celebration. The Inn specializes in creating a special experience for the guests you invited to celebrate with you.

It is very important that you share the plan and time line for your reception with your photographer and have the expectation that they will respect your desires and your guests.