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  • Every wine at The Wooster Inn is listed with it's State Minimum Price.
  • Shopping for home? You pay that price plus a little sales tax and you're done. Buy any 12 bottles and receive a 10% case discount.

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Ken Bogucki - Proprietor of the Wooster Inn

Ken Bogucki - Proprietor & Resident Wine Guy

While we print this list on a monthly basis, it is generally out of date upon publication. It is not that we don't have the wines listed, but we actually have more than are listed. Each week we try any number of wines; each time we are looking for the best wine at the best price. To see our latest acquisitions, you will need to make a journey to our Retail Wine Store located between the Pub and the Library. When you enter, the new arrivals are directly ahead. You may choose to pick your wine from that room rather than this list as the bottles have more information than this simple list. We also feature at least six wines by the glass so you can try something new. Wine has long been connected to the celebration of life. Let's Celebrate!

My staff and I thank you for your patronage and support of the Inn

October, 2018 Wine List

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